Mold-Tek is a USD 500 Million market cap Group, It is broadly diversified into Mold-Tek Packaging Limited, which is the leader in rigid plastic packaging in India and Mold-Tek Technologies, which is one of the Leading Engineering and Technology Solutions partner to many key players in various Engineering services across the globe. Established in 1986, this group was founded by Mr. Laxman Rao, a Gold Medal holder in Civil Engineering and an MBA graduate from IIM Bangalore. His close family member, Mr. A. Subramanyam, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, was equally instrumental in building up the organization to what it is now.

Mold-Tek Packaging Limited (MTPL) and Mold-Tek Technologies (MTTL) are public listed companies in BSE and NSE.

Mold-Tek Packaging Limited

Mold-Tek Packaging Limited (MTPL) is the leader in rigid plastic packaging in India. With 10 world class ISO certified processing plants and three stock points spread across India along with a huge injection molding capacity of around 50000 TPA, MTPL is a manufacturer of injection molded containers for lubes, paints, food and other products. MTPL is the ONLY packaging company to be 100% backward integrated, producing our own molds, IML Labels and even “ROBOTS”. Now, MTPL is forward integrated as well with its well-established world-class Design studio fully equipped to support customers to virtually understand the various packaging options available to them. Over the years, MTPL has earned the credit of producing highest quality containers with numerous innovations and decorations, thereby surging ahead of its competitors, now standing as a leader in the field with a massive 25% market share.

Mold-Tek Technologies Limited

Mold-Tek Technologies Limited (MTTL) is a leading Engineering Services provider in India. Headquartered in Hyderabad, MTTL specializes in providing Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering services to its clients located across the globe. It has a strong team of world class resources with a variety of skill sets and is complemented by two subsidiaries in USA − CrossRoads Detailing Inc., Avon, IN & RMM Global Inc., Akron, OH. Mold-Tek serves over 200 clients in varied verticals across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East. It has consistently helped clients cut down design and development costs of Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Plant design engineering projects by 30-40% and delivered technologically superior output to match and exceed expectations. Mold-Tek has an in-house software development team, quality control training and troubleshooting facilities. Mold-Tek is the only listed, most well established company in the country providing civil engineering services. It is the fastest growing mechanical engineering services provider in the field, with core expertise in Automotive, Poles & Towers and Oil & Gas domains. Leaving no stone unturned.


Company At Glancepointer
$400 Mn Market Cap
Market leader in rigid plastic packaging segment with 10 factories all over India
Only company completely backward integrated to make molds, labels and even robots
More than 36 years of industry experience
2019-2020 Mold-Tek received the SIES SOP STAR Award 2019, in Product Packaging for design and development of Twist Packs ranging from 50 ml to 1000 ml. These catchy packs are with Square shape at the bottom and round shape on the top.
2020-2021 Introduced SanQ-5 ltr Square Pack for sanitizers, which bagged SIES SOP STAR AWARD 2020.
2021-2022 Received the prestigious SIES SOP Star Awards 2021 from SIES School of Packaging for PACKAGING EXCELLENCE along with Asian Paints Limited for TRUGRIP DYNAMO SQUARE PACK SERIES in the category of Transit/ Industrial/ Distribution on 9th April, 2022 at Mumbai.
Global company with offices in 3 countries and 5 delivery centers
Registered partners with AISC and NISD
Leading Engineering services firm catering to major North American and European clients

Technological Superiority


End-to End Integrated Services

Best customer service

Cost Advantage

Quality & Capacity

Unmatchable Flexibility

Information flow

Range of Codes & Standards

Smooth Progress of business


Food, FMCG & Pharmaceutical Industries

Paint Industry

Lubricant & Grease Industry

Mold-Tek has ISO certified processes for smooth running of all departments of the organization, business and most importantly project schedules. Our three level quality checks guarantee that we cut costs and not corners.

ISO Certified processes for

  Human Resource management
  Quality Assurance
  Delivery & Billing Process

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, strict adherence to compliance and quality are observed in every process. At Mold-Tek, stringent training, systems and continuous improvement are pursued all the time.

As an ISO 27001:2005 Certified (Information Security Management System) company, strict adherence to data security is observed in all forms (Paper, Electronic, Physical, etc.) Mold-Tek’s Risk Assessment is undertaken based on Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. ISMS process includes Trainings, Objectives and applicable controls.

D&B Certified

Dun & Bradstreet and a DUNS number is universally recognized as the standard in business reporting and identification. Millions of businesses worldwide are tracked by this system. Having a DUNS number is a sign of credibility. It shows other businesses and institutions that you are serious about your business, and that your financial well being and brand image are important.